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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How and when will I receive interest rates?
Interest rates are paid out annually, to your digital wallet. You will be informed when you receive payment and can either save up the money there, reinvest into other projects or transfer out to your own account.


Why do I need to upload a copy of my ID papers?
We need to know that you are in fact you. This is to prevent money laundering and scamming. We do not reveal your identity to other entities and we do not share any information about you with third partiy.

How do you risk profile a project?
Each project is carefully assessed before presented on the portal. Renewable Energy Production projects will typically have comprehensive Due Dilligence reports accompagnying the description and ongoing companies will typically have key performance indicators available to investors.

What is an early bird bonus?
Some projects offer a special bonus (typically in the form of elevated interest rates) to the first investors. This is to boost the project and award those who are not afraid of taking charge and be the first to invest.